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Today the whole world resides in a fast-paced atmosphere in which not everybody has the time for you to invest in a full-fledged connection. Many

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Wapa Evaluation

a federal government web site, a nationwide television, a volunteer-oriented company — it really is slightly hard to find Wapa originally. Still, once you would,

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Living with albinism can be very challenging. Persons with albinism are susceptible to specific health conditions, principally dermatological and ophthalmic vulnerabilities, requiring higher levels of care and attention. Because of their delicate skin (low melanin) type, 99.9% of persons with albinism are vulnerable to skin cancer; thus skin cancer is the highest health risk persons with albinism face.
Increased unprotected exposure to the sun enhances the possibilities of skin cancer and other skin related diseases in persons with albinism. Unfortunately, as a result of ignorant, poverty and discrimination persons with albinism especially those in the rural areas find it difficult to access preventive measures that will reduce their prevalent rate of acquiring skin cancer related diseases.
Even where facilities are available persons with albinism hardly afford the high cost of treatment resulting to many of these patients to look up to God until the time of their death. The Foundation record an average of 2 to 3 deaths every other month as a result of skin cancer. It is based on these challenges that The Albino Foundation in partnership with Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria Television Authority, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, African Independent Television Authority and National Hospital, Abuja is putting up this Ivory Air Ball Concert that will enable us not only provide treatment for skin cancer patients in Nigeria.