Back to School Project

The project is aimed at ensuring that children with albinism of school age who dropped out of school as a result of stigmatisation, discrimination and myths associated with albinism are sent back to school. In 2014, the foundation partnered with Education Support System in Nigeria (ESSPIN) to run the first phase of this project. The project was implemented in three senatorial zones in Kaduna State and one senatorial zone in Enugu State in the form of sensitisation workshops. During the workshops, teachers, education secretaries, policy makers, PWA and parents of PWA were mobilised with the assistance of SUBEB. The aim of this project was to increase the number of enrolled children with albinism in schools. The information disseminated bothered on how to cope with PWA in a class room setting, health challenges associated with albinism as well as policies that should be in place to safeguard the wellbeing of PWA in Nigeria. The foundation looks to extend this projects to other senatorial zones in Nigeria come 2016.

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