A – One day Sensitization Workshop for Judges, Magistrates and Law Enforcement Agencies on the Protection and Enforcement of the Rights of Persons with ALBINISM on the Plateau.



The Chief Judge of Plateau State Hon. Justice Yakubu Dakwak in his speech during the workshop, stated the demeaning/derogatory challenges & stigmatization faced by Persons with Albinism because of the difference in the color of their skin which suggests that they’re lesser beings. He referred to this inhumane treatment as a Violation of Human Rights.


He mentioned the multiple discrimination Persons with Albinism face and expressed how this misconception has exposed them to poverty and increased their vulnerability in attacks.


However, in his words he said “Many are highly intelligent and experts at various things. Thereby, they should all be encouraged and brought together in order to collectively add value, and to develop the country, thereby avoiding all forms of nepotism. This can’t be done without all relevant stakeholders coming together to lend their support”.


He concluded with assuring that they’ll work to identify Violations of Human Rights, how to deal with the issue and to ensure that PWA’s have rights and they’ll be no recurrence of any violations of PWA’s.


The Hon. Justice thanked the management and staff of the Albino Foundation for their intervention in raising Awareness for Persons with Albinism because they’re humans and should be treated as such.


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