Milestone Achievements

  • Albinism awareness to Federal Republic of Nigeria and other nations.
  • Published a document with the support of UNICEF on the attitude, knowledge and practices of children with albinism Education in Nigeria.
  • Free medical Treatment to over 3,000 PWAs patients with skin cancer.
  • 90 Children benefited from UNICEF scholarship grant for 2011 – 2012.
  • 60 pupils benefited from Institute of Human Virology of Nigeria (IHVN) Education grant for 2014-2015
  • 151 pupils presently on Total Staff cooperative society education grant
  • 40 Parents/caregivers economically empowered with free grants to adequately cater for their children
  • Produced Albinism Core Messages and frequently asked questions on albinism
  • One PWA MSC post graduate from university of Scotland UK.
  • First National Policy and implementation guidelines on Albinism globally.
  • Extra time for PWAs in all levels of examination in Nigeria
  • Development and mainstreaming of Albinism education curriculum in Nigeria schools.
  • National Albinism Day (5th May annually)
  • Championing inclusive education and curriculum development in Nigeria
  • Currently pursuing three outstanding bills (National Agency for Albinism and hypopigmentation; Albinism policy implementation Act and Inclusive Education bill) before the National Assembly

Active role at various levels of UN action on albinism and chair of IBA albinism task force