After a warm welcome, Mr. Jake Epelle expressed his gratitude to him for his presence at the foundation.  The meeting commenced with Mr. Epelle speaking on the foundation’s Vision & Mission, as well as its fight for the Rights of Persons with Albinism so as to remove the negative idea that members of the society have concerning Persons with Albinism.


Mr. Epelle also mentioned the Inclusion of Persons with Albinism & Persons with Disabilities in pivotal parts of the society so as to encourage their participation and recognition as persons with equal rights.


Mr. Humphrey stated that there are also a number of Persons with Albinism in Namibia, and he could relate to the stigma and discrimination they face. He commended Mr. Epelle on his hard work in ensuring equal rights for both Persons with Albinism, and Persons with Disabilities.


At the close of the meeting, Mr. Epelle presented an award to the High Commissioner to appreciate his presence, and identification with the foundation.


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