On the 9th of December, The Albino Foundation held a capacity building workshop with the aim of sensitizing private entities on the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, 2018. Barr. Florence Marcus facilitated the event.


Barr. Marcus expressed that the workshop is beneficial to everyone. She started by asking the room to stand, then asked series of questions and established that everyone in one way or the other knows a person with disability whether it be a family member, distant relatives, or in the religious circles.


During her lecture, she mentioned the different disability models and narrated how she, being a PWD, was encouraged by her mother to do anything she set her mind to. She went on to expound on section 1-30 of the Act.


The Act is justiciable and PWDs are entitled to enforcing their rights. She closed by stating that People should look at a Person with Disability and remove the ‘Dis’ and start focusing on Ability.

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