Regional Albinism Forum

The Regional Albinism Forum was formed by a group of persons with albinism in Africa during the 2015 Regional Albinism Conference held in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. It was organised by Under the Same Sun, an International Non-government organisation with headquarters in Canada. The conference was aimed at educating persons with albinism through interactive sessions on understanding albinism; train persons with albinism on some of the best practices in educating the public on albinism and how to advocate for their rights and dignity in peaceful and effective way; and also, to deepen partnerships between persons with albinism groups, Under the Same Sun and international bodies.

The formation of the Regional Albinism Forum was aimed at strengthening organisations of persons with albinism across Africa towards mitigating the barriers/challenges confronting albinism community in improving their access to social services.

The albinism alliance is made up of 26 countries in Africa. The albinism in Africa is characterised by so many myths, discrimination, stigmatisation and brutal killings for money rituals. Over the years, albinism has not been recognised by International communities and states as a developmental issue until when it becomes so glairing that the challenges faced by persons with albinism in Africa needs urgent attention before it becomes an embarrassment both to the United Nations and Africa in particular.


It was in view of this that treaties such as International Albinism Awareness Day Celebration and others were signed by states both at the United Nations and the continent of Africa towards taming the tide of stigma, discrimination, abuse and killings being experienced in Africa. Though, the level of discrimination, abuse and killings differ from country to country in Africa, the truth remains that there are reported cases of persons with albinism being maltreated in all countries within Africa, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the colour of persons with albinism is well pronounced.


The Regional Albinism Forum will among others ensure the prevention of attacks on persons with albinism, reduce discrimination, ensure protection, provide necessary information/data and monitor and report albinism projects in African countries. This is to galvanise and synergise strategies towards improving the lives of persons with albinism in Africa.

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