VOICE stands for “Voluntary Organizations in Cooperation in Emergencies” and it is an NGO network promoting effective humanitarian aid worldwide since 1992. VOICE is the main NGO interlocutor with the European Union on emergency aid and disaster risk reduction, and it promotes the values of its 88 member organizations.

Albinism is found in all cultures in Nigeria and myths, stigma and discrimination differ from culture to culture which many considers it a taboo to have a child with albinism: Children with albinism have dropped out of school as a result of bullying from peers and discrimination from teachers; PWAs who passed employment tests and interviews have been denied employment; women with albinism have been impregnated and refused marriage by would-be suitors; mothers who have given birth to children with albinism have been kicked out of their matrimonial homes; most PWAs are ignorant of their health conditions which put them at risk of skin cancer and other health challenges.

Based on the above background, The VOICE project grant to TAF Plateau State intends to address the issues of negative perception, discrimination, cultural stereotypes, stigmatization and other misconceptions about albinism in Plateau State through engaging the relevant stakeholders, government, religious leaders, parents and also sensitize PWA’s themselves to become more aware of the challenges and create safe spaces to encourage high self-esteem, capacity building so as to become better informed about their condition and be PROUD of themselves and also know how to pursue their rights.

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