Visit to Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN)

The foundation paid a courtesy visit to the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) on the 20th of January, 2017 to welcome and felicitate with the new Director General of the corporation, Mr Mansur Liman, who interestingly encouraged the setting up of the foundation while still in the service of the British Broadcasting corporation; and to further consolidate on the existing relationship and partnership between the foundation and the FRCN.

After due introduction of persons in attendance from the foundation and the FRCN, the CEO/Founder addressed the meeting by first congratulating the DG on his appointment by the President, and lauded him for deeming it fit to answer the call to return home in service of the nation. The CEO/Founder then proceeded to make a formal presentation to the DG on the activities of the foundation, its challenges and the journey so far as it relates to the milestone achievements of the foundation and how FRCN has been a major stakeholder and partner in the successes recorded so far by the foundation, especially in the area of news reportage and excellent media coverage of the foundation’s activities.

The CEO/Founder also used the opportunity to call for further strengthening and continuation of the existing relationship and partnership existing between the foundation and the FRCN, and specifically requested for the FRCN to look at developing a specific programme where the albinism cause can be promoted. He intimated the DG on the support the foundation is garnering from the diplomatic community, especially the personal endorsements by the various Ambassadors and High commissioners who have all indicated willingness to personally go on air to add their voices to the foundation’s campaign on the albinism cause.

 A special request was made by the CEO/Founder for a partnership between the Foundation and FRCN on the Skin Cancer Trust Fund of the foundation, especially on how to get individuals and corporate organisations to contribute to the trust fund through donations. He suggested that the FRCN through the marketing department could do this by creating and airing jingles in this regard to raise funds for the trust fund, and that some percentage would go to the FRCN as running cost. He suggested this in the view of helping the Federal Government in sustaining the skin cancer treatment programme due to the capital intensive nature of the programme.

In response, the Director General of the FRCN, pledged his commitment and support to the foundation and promised to use his good office to promote the good cause of the foundation on albinism, and expressed his delight at how much the foundation has evolved with chapters across the federation. He made a firm commitment to not only continuing, but also improving the relationship and partnership that exists between the foundation and FRCN, especially in the area of news reportage and adequate coverage of any programme in which the foundation is involved. He also promised to mandate the marketing department to sit down with the foundation to explore possible ways of raising funds to assist in the Skin Cancer Trust Fund. He ended by making a firm commitment, and expressing FRCN’s willingness to collaborate and partner with the foundation in every way possible, for the advancement of the albinism cause.

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