Who we are

The Albino Foundation (TAF) is an independent non-governmental/not-for-profit organisation incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Founded in 2006, TAF is principally an organisation established for persons with albinism, other disabilities and vulnerable groups. 

TAF is a special focus organization that advocates for the recognition and respect of the rights and socio-economic inclusion of persons with disability in Nigeria.

Headquartered in Abuja – Nigeria, The Foundation bears a national spread with chapters across all 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT – Abuja.


The Albino Foundation envisions an inclusive society for all.


We are an advocacy organization that empowers persons with disabilities and educates the society on issues of disabilities in Nigeria and the world.

Organisational Structure

Our key focus areas include:
Healthcare, Legislation and policy advocacy, Social awareness, Learning and education, Economic empowerment, Albinism rights, Disability inclusion.

Organisational Vlaues

Our core values are: Inclusion , Transparency, Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence.

With a view to impacting all persons with albinism in Nigeria, Africa and the world, our focus as an organisation is categorised into six major areas: 

 The aim of the Legislation and public policy advocacy on Albinism is to ensure total mainstreaming of albinism programmes and policies into every sector of development in Nigeria

The aim of this is to eliminate and/or mitigate the health-related problems associated with disabilities, particularly albinism. Such challenges include sunburn, skin cancer and eye related problems

The Foundation seeks to create social awareness to orientate Nigerians and the world about disabilities and particularly about albinism. This is to promote understanding, acceptance and socio-economic inclusion of PWDs into mainstream society.

The Foundation works to promote the access of PWDs, especially children, to quality and inclusive education. The Foundation also promotes learning through scholarship programmes.

The aim of the project is to enhance the operational capability of the Foundation and ensure that PWDs live independent lives

The Foundation works to protect, promote and defend the fundamental rights of persons with albinism in Nigeria.


Membership is open globally to anyone who shares the ideals of TAF and not limited to persons with albinism alone. At the moment, the Foundation has 42 chapters across the 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT, Abuja. From inception, the Foundation has consistently created an established platform that provides an enabling forum for chapters to meet monthly to share experiences, information, exchange ideas and deliberate on projects, build support network and carry out advocacy at various levels. The Foundation works with each chapter on the thematic programme that suits the chapter’s needs. Chapters are at liberty to embark on programmes, while the Headquarters plays a support role in mobilising human and material resources. In like manner, when TAF embarks on a national or international programme, the chapters participate actively by mobilising human and material resources.

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